SS IT SOLUTIONS (UK) LTD currently provide a wide range of IT Consultancy services including:

  • Design of IT Infrastructure
  • Installation of Hubs and Virtual Network Security Solutions
  • IT Project Management
  • IT Security
  • Training
  • Software and Systems testing and troubleshooting.
  • Connectivity and Network Troubleshooting
  • Web Designing
  • Data Back-up and Recovery
  • Information Management
  • Mobile Security


  1. SS IT SOLUTIONS (UK) LTD will aim to meet you for an initial consultation in order to determine your needs, requirements and budget.
  2. The experienced and qualified IT Consultant will then plan, and develop the solutions before presenting it to you for approval.
  3. Once approved, the plan will be implemented and tested to ensure a quality service.
  4. Before completion, we will test all IT systems set up and/or provided by us for potential threats to security.
  5. SS IT SOLUTIONS (UK) LTD can provide training for your staff to be able to make the most effective use of your new IT system or software.
  6. From time to time, SS IT SOLUTIONS (UK) LTD may make recommendations with regards to quality and security of software and systems.
  7. If required, we can work on a disaster recovery plan in the event that security is compromised/breached.


There are many reasons why you would choose the services of SS IT SOLUTIONS (UK) LTD and below are some others:

  • SS IT SOLUTIONS (UK) LTD provide outstanding personalised service which you will not receive from other larger competitors.
  • You will get the high quality services at affordable price.
  • Your call will always be answered by us as soon as possible so you can save your time.
  • You will get one-to-one dedicated communications and support from the start of your project to finalisation and handover.
  • We always over-deliver in terms of value to our clients so that they can rely on us.
  • SS IT SOLUTIONS (UK) LTD will work as part of your own business and not as a separate entity, so you can be sure to receive the best service catered to your exact needs and requirements.