About Us


SS IT SOLUTIONS (UK) LTD is a Private Limited Company and was registered as such with The Companies House, England and Wales on 22 May 2013.

Company Registration Number- 8539596

Registered Address:
72 Western Avenue, Walsall, West Midlands, WS2 0AQ.

Trading Address:
Digbeth Court, 162-164 High Street Deritend, Birmingham, B12 0LD.

SS IT SOLUTIONS (UK) LTD was founded as an independent IT Consultancy by Mrs Inderjeet Kaur, an educated and qualified IT Consultant.

The company has since been managed by its sole director, and aims to offer high quality, cost effective IT services to SMEs in England and Wales. Clientele include start-up and experienced businesses across various market sectors.


Mrs Inderjeet Kaur is the sole director of the SS IT Solutions and is responsible for the management, strategies and business direction of the Company. She has pursued MBA from Staffordshire University, UK. She has significant qualifications and experience in IT. She obtained Bachelor’s degree BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) in 2004. She also holds the Master Degree MSC IT (Master of Science in Information Technology) from India in 2006.
Mrs Inderjeet Kaur has experience in IT where she worked as an IT Instructor for more than 3 years. After gaining her MBA degree, Mrs Inderjeet Kaur worked as an IT consultant and as she had a goal to start her own business, she set up the Company in May 2013.

Today, Mrs Inderjeet Kaur is running this business successfully which is growing day by day. As a Director of the Company she is able to combine her IT background and experience to deliver the best IT services to her clients.